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The Woven Demi

The Woven Demi

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Warm days, meet your match. Our breezy Demis are handwoven by artisans in India and finished in Spain, combining old-world craft with tried-and-true silhouettes beloved by gaux girls everywhere.

Color | Saddle Woven
Saddle Woven
Black Woven
Size | 35.5 (US 5.5)
Runs long: Order a half-size down —
Width | Medium
Width is true-to-size —
A standard width throughout
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  • A soft, unstructured flat with a flexible leather sole
  • Adjustable cord bow to customize the fit
  • Handwoven leather upper
  • 5 mm of plush foam padding
  • Handmade in Spain

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5 Star Reviews

"Effortlessly stylish, versatile and comfortable."

Jennifer K.

"These are the most comfortable flats I own."


"Gorgeous and comfortable. They feel so well made. I wish I’d bought these sooner! Want them in every colour now."

Natasha R.

"A classic, beautiful ballet flat. The leather is very soft and the workmanship is impeccable. They are so comfortable and easy to wear."

Teresa C.

"I am addicted to these shoes! I have a pair in many different colours and find them the perfect accessory to many different outfits."

Evans L.

Our interpretation of the classic ballet flat, favored by the chicest girls we know

The working cord bow and soft leather nod to The Demi's heritage, while other details—like a plush insole and multi-width sizing—make it undeniably comfortable. We could live in these shoes, truly.

Discover the Margaux difference

Quality and craftsmanship are our hallmarks, transcending time and trend—and delivering both style and comfort with every step.

Luxe materials

High-quality Italian leather molds to your feet with wear.

Adjustable fit

A working cord bow allows for a more customized fit and feel.

Cushioned feel

A plush 5mm layer of foam adds a cloud-like feel to every insole.

Asked Questions

How do I know my size in The Demi?

We’re making it easier than ever to find your size and you might notice that our US-to-European conversions have shifted slightly. The fit of this product hasn’t changed, so if you already have a pair you love, continue to order the same European size.

The Demi is an unstructured shoe with an adjustable cord for a customizable fit. If you are between sizes or widths, we recommend taking the smaller size.

How do I know my width in The Demi?

Medium width is considered standard, so if you generally find standard widths comfortable in other shoes, we suggest taking a Medium. However, if you find that other shoes often pinch or feel too tight around the ball of your foot, the Wide is a fantastic option to try. It is made on a combination last, with the toe box being the only area that is wider. (It's also a great option to try if you have bunions.) The Narrow will be more narrow throughout the entirety of the shoes; it's a good option if you find your foot frequently slips or feels insecure in a standard width.

Additionally, the working bow on your Demis can be tightened to customize the width around your foot as needed.

How do I care for my Demis?

Our nappa Demis are made from a soft, Italian nappa and flexible leather soles. Nappa leather is permeable, so avoid exposure to water and rain. To maintain the sheen and finish over time, you can use a quality leather lotion. Our suede Demis are made from Italian suede, a surprisingly durable material. Marks and scuffs to the suede can be gently removed using a suede brush and cleaning spray, like those provided in our suede care kit. Regular treatment with a protectant spray can also help prevent signs of future wear.

How does the fit compare to other styles?

The Demi is an unstructured style and will have a softer, less structured, and more flexible feel than our other flats, like The Pointe.

How do I adjust the bow?

The Demi's cord is adjustable, so you can customize the fit to suit you preferences. If you notice any looseness or slipping at the heel of your shoes, tighten the cord to cinch the fit while you shoes are off the foot. Here’s a quick video on how to tighten the cord. And if you notice any tightness or digging at your heel, simply untie the cord while the shoes are off your foot, loosen the knot, and retie the bow.

How much can I expect The Demi to stretch?

As an unstructured shoe, The Demi will soften and give in width with wear. If you find that the fit changes over time, you can always use the adjustable cord to tighten or loosen the fit to your preference.

Why are some colors excluded from the sale?

In an effort to shine extra light on some of our non-core colors, we decided to keep these four colors at their regular price. They are still eligible for discounts, if you haven’t used your first-purchase $30 code, but they won’t be included in our larger holiday season sale this year. Thank you for your understanding!

More questions? Email us at or chat with a specialist now.