Treat Yourself in our Blush Cashmere Slipper


After the success of the Cashmere Slipper in December, we knew we needed to bring it back for our gaux girls in the new year. Aside from its place in our brand color palette, Blush was a feminine, subtly-colorful addition to our otherwise neutral cashmere palette. 

When it comes to Valentine’s (or Galentine’s!) Day, treating ourselves is priority number one. This year we hosted a #MargauxMonday for our Galentines with champagne and flowers, and continued the celebration the next morning with facials by The Ritualist at Conde Nast. 

With this in mind, we chose the 34th floor of One World Trade as our first stop on this "Treat Yourself" tour. Conde Nast employees were invited to take a few minutes on a busy Friday afternoon to stop by to enjoy a mini treatment in the comfort of a pair of our cashmere slippers. Guests left refreshed and (quite literally) aglow - and we left inspired to take this event on the road to gaux girls across Manhattan and beyond.

The event was inspired by our growing conviction that amidst the craze of everyday life, taking a few minutes from your desk to unplug and recharge is the best way to put yourself in a position to give each day your all.

In our minds, this time is best spent by stepping back to enjoy time with the people who make each and every day special. For us this means relaxing and unplugging - and perhaps indulging in a few delicious treats. 

This winter we will continue treating ourselves by making sure that we all take the time - however brief it might be! - to step back and unplug amidst the chaos of the everyday. We've found that this not as much as a treat as it is self-care (whether it's a five minute facial or simply stepping away from our desks for an afternoon walk), it's this commitment to ourselves that will give us the ability to recharge and give each day our very best.

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Photos by Bridget Badore for Margaux


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