The Pointe Embodied: Team Margaux on the Move


Autumn has started on a high note for us here at the Margaux HQ. The debut of The Pointe collection (aka our first pointed-toe flat) has reignited our love for the city that inspired it all, New York. 

While many of our days are spent at The Studio (come visit us!) refining our collections and dreaming up ways to modernize our classic ballet flat, we've also made it our mission to stay inspired this Fall and fully immerse ourselves in the city that constantly inspires our style both in and out of the office. Call it our first off-site of the season, but we decided that there was no better way to do this then to get our team of gaux girls together for an off-duty afternoon in the neighborhood.

Trust us when we say there's nothing like a crisp, sunny afternoon in the Flatiron District. We recently - and leisurely, we might add - strolled along 5th Avenue taking in the early autumnal sights and stopping along the ways to indulge in some of our favorite local spots. From Toby's Estate Coffee to Madison Square Park, today we're showing you our sartorial spin on The Pointe collection and where you'll find us wearing this city-inspired ballerina flat all season long.

Alexa, Co-Founder of Margaux

Talk to us about the inception of The Pointe - why do you think this particular flat best represents New York style?

The Pointe is classic, with a twist - and in this way, very "New York" in its personality. When we designed the collection we were inspired by the timeless but ever-evolving city we've come to call home. The pointed toe has just enough of an edge to provide a bit of intrigue, while still remaining very classic in its structure and silhouette. 

Where will we find you hanging out in New York this Fall? 

This Fall, my ideal day is spent outside exploring with friends. My perfect Saturday might start downtown with an early morning breakfast with a friend at The Elk on Charles Street. From there, we'd wander north along the West Side Highway - In my mind, there's no better way to hit "refresh" than a walk along the water. After that, it would include a stop at the Whitney in Meatpacking, before popping into Chelsea Market for lunch at my very favorite taco stand. From there, I'd stop at the Strand - I love the simultaneous feelings of chaos and serenity amidst the shelves there - before breaking for coffee #2 at Toby's. Finally, after sufficient wandering, this idyllic day would end with us sitting down for dinner outside for a delicious plate of pasta at Barbuto.

How do you think New York in general embodies the essence of modern style?

We're lucky to live in a place that is constantly evolving and repeatedly reinventing itself. This provides a foundation for pushing boundaries while also maintaining appreciation for what has come before - and in this way a perfect platform for dictating and inspiring modern style.

"This fall my gaux-to's will be my Flannel pointe ballerinas and a big scarf. I'll probably be wearing them with a great pair of jeans and a black sweater."

Gavriella, Operations and Customer Service at Margaux

How would you personally describe "classic New York style" and in your opinion how does The Pointe help to modernize this definition? 

Classic New York style is all about versatility. Personal style varies with each person you walk past, but we're all trying to stay chic from our desks to drinks and everywhere in between. The Pointe makes just enough of a statement without trying as hard as the stilettos we can't stand to walk the city streets in. It brings together comfort and sharp lines, with unique textures you might not expect to find in a flat.  

Why do you think the ballet flat is a New York staple and what role has it played in the evolution of your style?

In a city like New York where everyone walks, runs, and hustles, comfortable and well-designed footwear is a must. Ballet flats are traditionally feminine and delicate, but the Pointe brings a sophisticated edge to the classic look. I've personally moved past any futile attempts to be a heels girl and now live in flats. I love a good fashion risk, but I can't worry about falling with every step I take or I'll never leave my apartment. 

What advice do you have for Gaux Girls looking to integrate both fashion and function in their wardrobe this season? 

When temperatures drop, layering isn't only practical, but it also makes getting dressed a more creative practice. Bundle up and don't be afraid to mix textures! It adds depth to your look and keeps you from restricting yourself. 

"I can't wait to wear my Pointe ballerinas with dark denim and a leather jacket. My favorite part of fall is turning toward luxe textures (like the Porte velvet!), rich colors, and also plenty of black staples (ok, I never really stopped wearing them)."

Sarah, Co-Founder of Margaux

Texture seems to be a huge aspect of The Pointe collection (and a new element for Margaux as a brand!) how did this design detail initially come about?

Since the very beginning, we have always been aware of how texture affects perception of color and shape: For example, suede lends a dynamism and vibrancy to our Classic colors, while haircalf adds sheen and sophistication. For the pointed-toe fall collection, we wanted to create a well-rounded capsule that spoke to four distinct personalities and moods and texture was the perfect element to accomplish that. The result? Four shoes that show the range and versatility of this classic silhouette, while also fitting perfectly together into a cohesive story about modern Manhattan.

With Margaux’s expertise in made-to-measure, why do you think it’s especially important to consider this while living in and dressing for a city like New York?

Living in New York is particularly demanding on wardrobes: High style, but high performance. Comfortable but chic. Dressy but durable. Our shoes - whether our standard sizes or our made-to-measure pairs - are designed to be the best-fitting shoe in your footwear wardrobe. They're structured enough to make you feel dressed, but comfortable enough to keep you on your feet all day.

Are there any New York City style icons who will serve as your style muse for the season ahead?

Gosh, yes! Christy Turlington. Everyday.

“I've hardly taken off my pointed-toe Cacao shoes since the collection launched, wearing them with everything from frayed denim to a crisp poplin dress.”

Augusta, Social Media and Special Events at Margaux

What texture/style from The Pointe collection do you think best represents your own sense of personal style?

I love the versatility of the leopard print - That it can be quite dressy if need be, or dressed-down depending on the occasion. I find that they're a great compliment to formal outfit, or can add polished twist to a more casual one.

In your opinion what about the romance of New York meshes so well with the Margaux lifestyle and how do you think the two go hand-in-hand?

New York is an incredibly exciting city, and I feel like it particularly comes to life in autumn. Everything we work on here at Margaux is designed for an on-the-go lifestyle - making shoes that fit seamlessly into a busy day, and can carry you throughout. This fall collection in particular feels like the perfect balance of both modern and classic style, and has the textures and colors to complement New York’s electric fall ambiance.

From the meetings in the showroom to a night on the town where do you hope your Pointes take you this Fall? 

I love finding new weekend spots - One great one uptown is Cafe Sabarsky in the Neue Gallery for an exceptional cup of coffee and sweet treat. Its stately setting and warm ambiance make it the perfect retreat from the cooler autumn temperatures.  

“Right now I’m loving The Pointe paired with denim - it's the perfect combination of dressed-up and down. Fall weather can be unpredictable so it is all about layering - I love vests as outerwear, and a cozy scarf in cooler weather.”

Shop our Pointe collection here.

Photos by Bridget Badore for Margaux 


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