One Size Does Not Fit All


When we launched Margaux we set out to create the perfect fitting ballerina flat. With 88% of women in the United States wearing the wrong sized shoe, we saw the opportunity to disrupt the footwear market through the lens of fit - and we went after it. At launch, we offered both standard and made-to-measure sizes, as we believed that one size simply does not fit all.

Nevertheless, as we gathered extensive data over time, we discovered the opportunity that existed between the everyday off-the-shelf experience - and the highly personal custom fit experience. We tested this hypothesis first with the Demi ballerina, and after the smashing success of this collection, decided to introduce it to our Classic customers as well. We've taken the next step, so to speak, in making the perfect fit a reality for all customers by introducing narrow, medium, and wide width options in each collection. An unmatched practice on the market, we hope this extended offering will empower both new and existing customers to find comfortable, chic shoes at an unbeatable price.

This was an exciting launch for us and something we had been working on for quite some time, as we had to perfect each width of each silhouette until it fit just right. The immediate success of these new size offerings serves as an important reminder to us that one size certainly does not fit all. It's also an important reminder to our customers that Margaux's first priority is - and always will be - delivering a perfectly-fitting, thoughtfully designed shoe in each silhouette we launch.

When it comes to shopping for the perfect pair our Fit Specialists are here to help should you need any assistance as you go about choosing a width. We recommend that the shoe fits snugly when you first try it on, as it will give and mold to your feet over the course of the first 3-4 wears.

We believe that this new option will provide even more customers with the opportunity to find their perfect fit. By offering three widths at every half size (which is unmatched on the market), we hope to empower both new and existing customers to find the best fitting shoe quickly, painlessly, and at an unbeatable price.

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Photos by Bridget Badore for Margaux


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