Margaux Market


When we first designed our Manhattan studio, we did so with our customer in mind. We started by stepping into her world - considering everything from the books she reads, to the candle she burns - and created a space that spoke to that multi-faceted, ever-evolving, colorful realm she lives in.

In this way, the Market was our way to dip our toes into an immersive concept we've been dreaming up for quite some time. By now, we've lost count of all the times customers have asked to purchase the books from our shelves or the candle on our console. So - inspired by the changing of the seasons and the arrival of new collections - we decided to open a three-day-long Margaux Market inside our Chelsea studio.

Through the Market, we turned our Studio into an experience that appealed to all of the senses as we featured a few of our favorite elements. First, we filled the room with flowers, as greenery is an important part of any Margaux space. Then, we picked one of our very favorite books to sell in the Market: Gjelina, the eponymous cookbook of the cult-favorite Venice restaurant. With artful images and recipes that showcase vegetable-forward cooking, the book well represents our love of food, interest in sustainability, and fond memories of lingering over dinner at the Venice hotspot late into the night.

Alongside our new fall collections, we also served coffee, tea and treats from Maman- a favorite New York cafe founded by friend and #gauxgirl Elisa Marshall. 

Finally, we filled our shelves with our signature scent - Maison Louis Marie's No.04 Bois de Balincourt. This candle burns in each of our pop-up stores, and was a special gift with purchase during the week's celebration.

The Margaux Market allowed us to bring our Studio to life in a whole new way, and in doing so, was a wonderful manifestation of the idea that this brand is about so much more than the products we create. Each element spoke to different facets of a Gaux Girl's interests and passions, and the curious life she lives. 

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Photos by Bridget Badore for Margaux


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