Introducing the Cashmere Slipper


We're passionate about versatile footwear that can take a woman through her day - but we hadn't yet addressed what she wears when she gets home. We've always dreamt of having cashmere slippers that would be as delightful to wear around the house as they sound, and this collection was a realization of that dream - Just in time for the holidays, no less. It's cashmere - And a slipper. That's music to any girl's ears, whether or not she already owns a pair of Margaux shoes! With flexible size options, and a beautiful navy box that's finished with an ivory bow, it's truly hard to go wrong.

The initial color palette for this collection was meant to inspire comfort. While we love color as a means of expression during the day, keeping our palette neutral at home (in both loungewear and decorate) helps us find our zen, even after the most hectic of days. We'd love to introduce other colors of this slipper to suit every taste, and will hopefully have the opportunity to do just that if this capsule collection is well-received.

Because this slipper is nearly entirely made from cashmere and wool fibers, the production and sourcing process was completely different: We had to seek out fabric suppliers who produced a knit with the plushness and body we desired; we had to experiment with our Spanish factory in stitching and cutting the fabric panels for optimum comfort. The design - with the rounded toe and playful bow - is most reminiscent of our demi-ballerina flat, but has its own distinct (and very comfortable) identity.

We hope this is the first thing she puts on when she gets home from work, or gets up in the morning. It's that perfect bit of indulgence that starts and ends her day on a high note.


Shop the newly launched Cashmere slipper here.

Photos by Bridget Badore for Margaux


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