How to Pack Your Shoes


The launch of our very own shoe shaper was the answer to our perpetual question, "How can we best pack our shoes?" It felt as though we had tried everything: tissue paper, balled up socks, newspaper - you name it. But time and time again, nothing was as lightweight and foolproof as we had hoped. 

We're traveling constantly for work, and have had our fair share of shoe-packing mishaps - Usually the result of trying to fit too many shoes into a not-so-large bag, we admit. But with a closet full of Margaux, it's sometimes difficult to narrow the choices down.

As a brand inspired by a passion for creating beautiful products that stand the test of time (and the stress of everyday life), we felt it was only right to design something that would allow our customers to keep her shoes in tip-top shape amidst a busy life on the go. Thus, we set out to find the perfect combination of a not-too-hard but not-too-soft, versatile, reusable, and perfectly shaped set of shapers that could support our shoes on any adventure.

Our shapers can be used for most pairs of Margaux shoes. Be sure to place them gently inside each shoe in order to avoid creating tension in the toe box and, as a result, stretching the leather. After you secure the shapers into the shoes, we recommend placing your pair inside of our dust bag to protect them from dust, dirt, and any other materials it might come in contact with in transit.

Our shapers are designed with travel in mind, so take your shoes and hit the road! Here's to celebrating products that empower our life #onthegaux.

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Photos by Bridget Badore for Margaux


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