Gaux Girl - Nikki Kule


When it comes to personal style, Nikki Kule exudes confidence and color from head to toe. As the stripe-obsessed founder of the beloved brand KULE, Nikki's sartorial uniform hinges on a signature element: Stripes, of course, in all shades and sizes. We've long admired this Gaux Girl's colorful edit, and jumped at the chance to work with her on looks for our very own Gaux Girls at our stores in San Francisco, Palm Beach, and The Studio. Sh! It's our secret. More to come on that partnership very soon.

We recently caught up with Nikki at KULE's SoHo office - an airy space that perfectly embodies the brand's modern, nouveau-preppy spirit - while she styled a few of her staple pieces from KULE's collection with our Navy Demis.

Read on to meet Nikki, and learn of her enduring love for stripes, her sense of humor in fashion, and where she hopes to head next #onthegaux. 

Meet Our Gaux Girl:

My name is Nikki Kule, and I’m the founder and designer at KULE.

How has your idea of “smart design” evolved since you first started out in the industry?
I started out doing full collections, first in kidswear and eventually with womenswear, and that meant creating tops, bottoms, jackets, accessories, jewelry – the whole thing! I’ve learned with my current collection that it’s much better to be edited. It's important to do one thing and do it well. Be an expert. You have to have that focus, or you don’t stand for anything.

What would you consider to be your perfect pair of “classic style” essentials? 

A striped shirt (t-shirt or woven shirt), navy blazer, and a great pair of jeans or trousers, and — of course — a great flat shoe.

The stripe is such a robust pattern and one that we’ve loved experimenting with in Margaux's assortment. What is it about stripes that you're drawn to the most?

I love that they're so graphic. Whenever I’m in a shop, I’m automatically drawn to them. It's like comfort clothing. When you wear stripes, you are automatically put together yet still comfortable at the same time. We refresh our stripes by creating them in new colors, new placements, and new widths. Changing the width of a stripe by 1/4" makes it a totally new thing.

When people look at you they may think stripes, but what do you hope they think about you beyond this fashion statement?

I like to bring humor into fashion (stripes shouldn't be serious). It's important to have fun in your work, and I also have fun in the way that I dress. It’s a great way to stir curiosity in people.

What does being "a girl on the go” mean to you and where do you hope you’re going next?

Women are always on the go these days. People are traveling more than ever and are busier than ever. Where I hope I’m going next? The Bahamas or Turks and Caicos -- somewhere fabulous and warm!

Gaux and have no fear. Stripes are here! 

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Photo by Bridget Badore for Margaux


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