Gaux Girl - Nell Diamond


Spending time with Nell Diamond is never a snooze. As the founder and CEO of Hill House Home, Nell is revolutionizing the way we think about sleep. The launch of our dream-worthy collaboration with Nell has us feeling like we're on cloud nine - And not just because we love the products featured, but because it celebrates the value of slowing down (and occasionally, sleeping in) amidst life on-the-go. 

Before the holiday season kicked into high gear, we spent some off-duty time with our Gaux Girl at Cafe Clover - her favorite West Village haunt - where we talked shop (literally!), smart design for the wardrobe and the home, and nightly rituals. 

Read on for a glimpse into our afternoon with Nell, and see how she styled The Heel in Rose.

Meet Our Gaux Girl:

My name is Nell Diamond, and I’m the founder and CEO of Hill House Home! 

As a woman on the go, talk to us about your relationship to sleep. How has it evolved since launching Hill House Home?

Mental health is crucially important to me, and sleep plays a huge role in maintaining both physical and mental health. Too often sleep becomes the first thing we abandon in our busy lives, and this is a huge mistake. Sleep has an incredible impact on every area of our lives, and it’s a tool we can use to optimize everything from brainpower to digestion to energy. 

I’m a no-apologies sleeper, meaning - newborn baby, newborn business, newborn episode of my very favorite reality show – nothing can interrupt my sleep. If it means I have to go to bed at 8 pm to wake up with a cranky teething 1-year-old at 5 am, that’s what it takes. I plan proactively to get the amount of sleep I need because I’m no help to anyone – especially myself – when I’m sleep deprived. 

At Margaux, smart design is the cornerstone of all that we do. How does this idea apply to Hill House Home and your process?

We’re hyper-focused on using our customers to guide us. Being a direct-to-consumer company means we’re able to offer superior products at accessible prices, but it also means that we get a direct line to every single person who buys our products. We’re able to ask questions about everything from ideal sleeping temperature to bedroom wall color to laundry schedule. We use this to our advantage to build better products – products that are not only beautiful but practical, useful additions to a modern home. 

Let's shift gears from sleep to style. Tell us about your Margaux Heels. How do they elevate your everyday?

I love my Margaux heels because they’re elegant and sleek without over-powering a look. They’re also incredibly comfortable – I’m a big fan of walking everywhere in New York, and these are perfect! 

After kicking off your Heels for the day, would you say you have a ritual for unwinding? What do you enjoy doing most before turning in for the night?

I’m a huge bedtime routine girl! Usually I shower at night, and afterward, I’ll apply a million strange Korean skincare potions (my current favorite is this Snail Mask), then get in bed and read for 10 minutes before falling asleep. I love the “Headspace” app for bedtime meditation, too. 

What does being "a girl on the go” mean to you and where do you hope you’re going next?

Being a “girl on the go” means boldly pursuing my goals with no apologies. It’s easy to be sidetracked by other people’s visions of what’s best for you and cutting out this “noise” – especially as a new mom – has been a revelation. 

Gaux and lead with kindness. 

Nell wears The Heel.

Photos by Bridget Badore for Margaux 


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