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We've got a girl crush on our newest Gaux Girl, Elyse Fox. While the Brooklyn-based filmmaker has learned to juggle many projects at once, there's a unifying theme that connects all that she takes on.

Enter Sad Girls Club, a project spearheaded by Elyse, which tackles hard conversations that modern women face daily including depression and finding community. Outside of her work building this organization, Elyse also explores these themes through another lens: Film. As the Creative Media Associate at the women-only social club and co-working space, The Wing, you'll often find our Gaux Girl spending time between the company's two stunning Manhattan locations. We recently joined her at the Flatiron outpost for coffee on their airy rooftop. While we admired the skyline views, Elyse shared her thoughts on the relationship between film and design - and the importance of living (and dressing) colorfully. 

Read on for our inspiring interview with Elyse, and to catch a glimpse of how she styled our Classic flat in Saffron.

Meet Our Gaux Girl:

Hey, I'm Elyse Fox. I'm a filmmaker and mental health activist.

Tell us more about your love for film. How would you describe your process and how has working at The Wing inspired you to create in new ways?

I've always been inspired by film. As an infant, my father filmed my brother and me nearly every day with his huge throwback camera. I think I inherited that trait from him. Working at The Wing has allowed me to create more 'clean' work. I'm usually a very 'DIY' type of girl when it comes to film.

We notice that you like to include colorful accents in your outfits (which we love)! How does this extend to shoes and what role do you think ballet flats play in the modern woman's wardrobe? 

I really strive to wear whatever I want, mix colors, patterns, and break out of wearing all black. I think the ballet flat is an easy shoe ANY woman can slip into their wardrobe.

As a filmmaker, what is your perfect pair of essentials?

My VHS camera and the 20 cords I use to convert the footage to digital files. I love the authentic look and feel of HI-8 footage.

Whether you're working on a project at The Wing or brainstorming your next personal film, how does "smart" design play a role in your endeavors?

I plan carefully and storyboard my vision. I factor in all possibilities, so I'm prepared for anything!

What does being "a girl on the go” mean to you and where do you hope you’re going next?

I will focus on writing my first scripted film in 2018!

Gaux and change the world with your vision and passion.


Elyse wears our Classic in Saffron.

Photos by Bridget Badore for Margaux 


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