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The Gaux Girl - A series on brilliant women we’re privileged to count as friends.

Angelica Hicks has got a story to tell. The London-born and now New York dwelling gaux girl has risen to notoriety for her lively satirical illustration work which depict fashion in a fun, and sometimes frank, manner while also telling a deeper narrative. Much like her layered approach to her art, Angelica’s approach to fashion is also a sight to behold - picture staple prints, bold colors and classically cool silhouettes. With her sartorial sharpness and keen eye for design, we weren’t surprised to find just how effortlessly Angelica styled our Classic flat in Saffron when we visited the flourishing artist at her Manhattan home.

It was a particularly wintry, overcast day when we met with Angelica on her quiet Soho street, though upon entering her cozy apartment we were greeted with an unparalleled warmth which radiated from our featured gaux girl. Angelica enthusiastically brought us up to speed on her current projects and gave us a tour of her home studio. Shortly after we took to the chilly city streets with a coffee in hand and a pair of our Classics on foot.

In true gaux girl fashion we were ecstatic to spend our morning with Angelica who discussed her inspiration as an artist, the necessary role ballet flats play in her wardrobe and where you’ll find her this holiday season when she’s not creating her latest work of art. Read on for more.

Meet Our Gaux Girl:

I was born and raised in London. After studying Art History at university in London I moved to New York abandoning academia in favor of satirical illustration.

How would you characterize your days and how would you say the Margaux ballet flat fits into your life on the go?

I either work from my desk at home or from Ludlow House, I need to mix it up because I can't handle monotony when it comes to the workplace. When I'm not working (or when I just need a break) I like to wander around downtown Manhattan - I really like the Lower East Side especially during the summer. Sometimes I’ll go and sit on a park bench and practice life drawing, though my subjects are unaware which can make this slightly tricky (elicit peculiar looks).

Margaux ballet flats keep me looking presentable and are the perfect solution for someone like myself who loathes heels! They can be smart or casual and are a great pop of color, especially as I have a tendency to dress monochromatically or in denim...

At Margaux we champion smart design. What does that mean to you and your work as an illustrator?

I interpret smart design as something that engages the mind. I like to think that my illustrations could be described as smart design because the visual humor is achieved through the symbiosis of word and imagery. Therefore the viewer is engaged as they are required to put two and two together.

What are some of your favorite places, galleries or people to be around in New York when you’re seeking out inspiration?

I love the Met Breuer. The current Kerry James Marshall show is so insanely powerful and beautiful. I could wander around the Met for hours, transported through cultures and periods so seamlessly. I have the great privilege of being able to visit galleries and museums “off peak” so am often one of the only visitors which is wonderful. I am inspired by all sorts of people, by conversations with friends over dinner, or conversations between strangers overheard on the subway.

As purveyors of color we love how colorful your work is. From your bold aesthetic to your character's colorful personalities how have you found your voice as an artist?

My voice as an artist is due in most parts to my disconnection with fashion and my unusual interests, historical and cultural… these have allowed me to have apply a ‘different’ perspective to fashion and celebrity that one might not usually think of. Fashion itself inspires my work as it is a visual representation of the way in which society is evolving; a true sign of the times.

If you were to create the most current self-portrait of yourself what would it look like?

If I were to create a most current self-portrait I would be wearing leopard print, trying to come up with a witty comment and listening to Eartha Kitt.

With the holiday season fast approaching how are you mastering the art of holiday style?

Currently planning a Christmas party with my roommates - we have decorated a tree with cut outs of various holiday themed drawings I have done… more ha ha ha than ho ho ho!

What does being "a girl on the go” mean to you and where do you hope you’re going next?

Being a girl on the go means not being static and not letting yourself feel trapped. Taking risks is important! As for where I’m going next… I hope to get more into animation (and have the patience to actually master the software).

You Gaux___ Girls! Don't be a faux-getter, be a gaux-getter.


Angelica wears our Classic flat in Saffron. Shop it here.

Photos by Bridget Badore for Margaux


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