Gaux Girl - Alexa Buckley


Since the inception of #onthegaux, we've made a mission of celebrating Gaux Girls who embody the spirit of our brand. From industries of art, food, and wellness, the women we've featured in this series are a testament to the fact that amazing things can happen when you embrace ambition. To bring things full circle, we looked inwards for this special two-part edition of our Gaux Girl series, and are thrilled to introduce one of Margaux's very own co-founders, Alexa Buckley.

A natural-born leader, Alexa exudes a passion for innovation and boundless creativity. The admitted extrovert of the pair, Alexa spearheads Margaux's "external" affairs, which - on any given day - spans designing and planning our pop-ups, meeting with press, and planning marketing campaigns for the upcoming seasons.

Though work provides a never-ending to-do list, Alexa still manages to squeeze a little downtime into her busy schedule. During these moments, you'll find this Gaux Girl unplugging in her favorite West Village haunts. It was there we joined Alexa for breakfast at Gaux Girl-approved coffee shop The Elk, followed by a morning stroll back to the office along the neighborhood's iconic tree-lined streets.

Read on to meet Alexa, who shares musings on her relationship with shoes, why she's a fan of Mondays, and where you'll find her while off-duty.

Meet Our Gaux Girl: 

Hello! I'm Alexa, one of the co-founders of Margaux. 

How would you describe your relationship to shoes (specifically ballet flats) and how has launching Margaux changed your perception of the role they play in the modern woman’s wardrobe? 

I have always loved shoes - ballet flats, especially. A great pair of shoes can be the finishing touch to any outfit, and, more importantly, the key to life on the go. 

When we set out to create Margaux, we were inspired by the idea of rethinking the way that shoes were sized and sold. With 88% of women wearing the wrong sized shoe, we knew that there had to be a better solution than the all-too-familiar flip-flop to heel shoe shuffle most urban-dwelling women endure.

What we've realized, however, is that by creating products that carry a woman throughout her day both beautifully and comfortably, we can not only accommodate today's modern woman - we can also empower her. Sarah and I have learned that drilling into the intersection of comfort and style - of mechanics and aesthetics - means unlocking the modern woman's day from the burden of a shoe shuffle and the headache of uncomfortable shoes, and replacing it with the ability to move fluidly throughout her day from one thing to the next, with confidence and chic.

Walk us through your day-to-day. What’s on your agenda lately and what would you say is your perfect pair of essentials while at work? 

Every day is different - that is the beauty of being an entrepreneur! When we are in the city (which, as of late, has been rare), I try to start the day early. When I have time, I like to exercise, make a big breakfast, and have a few quiet moments to catch up and goal set before the day is underway. 

At work, my perfect pair of essentials is a carry-all clean leather bag (currently toting one in saddle brown), a great pair of jeans, a crisp poplin shirt and - at the moment - my Black and Navy Demi ballerinas. I look for products that can carry me throughout my day - from the office to meetings, to dinner, and beyond - comfortably and confidently, day in and day out.

With a nod to Margaux Mondays, how are you planning to change or start your week off this season?

As we say at Margaux, #TGIM ("Thank God it's Monday"). Inspired by new beginnings, we love to celebrate Mondays at Margaux. From our all-team Monday morning meetings to our monthly "Margaux Monday" parties at the Studio - #TGIM is part of our DNA. 

This fall, I hope to build on what we've started and embrace the #TGIM spirit with similar enthusiasm and perhaps a bit more adventure. Like always, each week begins with an all-team meeting, and every other with Sarah and I sitting down to set goals. Outside of the office, I'm hoping to dive into meditation thanks to inspiration from #gauxgirl Ellie Burrows, hone my near-nonexistent cooking skills with a class at Haven's Kitchen, and maybe even beat the line and make it into a performance at Smalls Jazz Club in the West Village.

What does being "a girl on the go” mean to you and where do you hope you’re going next? 

A girl on the go lives colorfully. She explores, she embraces, she travels, and she discovers. She is as curious as she is passionate, and she never settles. We are fortunate to be building a business for a truly inspiring customer, and I hope that in the next five, ten and twenty years - we will all be "gauxing" to new heights together.

Gaux for it. If we've learned anything in the whirlwind of the past three years, it’s that you don't have to be an expert in what you want to do - you just have to be willing to work hard enough to figure it out.

Alexa wears our Demi in Saddle and Navy.

Photos by Bridget Badore for Margaux 


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