Block Party on Elizabeth Street


This summer, we are all about #gauxingplaces at Margaux HQ. Though we're traveling constantly, our gaux girls remind us that we don’t have to go far for inspiration. Block by block, there is always something new to discover in our backyard. On a warm May morning, we took to the streets of Nolita to seek out inspiration for ourselves. 

This particularly stylish block is home to some of our favorite downtown destinations. To further celebrate our love for the neighborhood, we enlisted Sarah Slutsky - gaux girl, wardrobe stylist, and creator of BlockedNYC - to join us on our Elizabeth Street excursion. Together, we wandered along the beautiful tree lined street - with our Block Heel on foot, of course - to meet a couple of the women at the forefront of Elizabeth street's local gems. 

Elizabeth Street Garden* with Sarah Slutsky - Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10012

"The Elizabeth Street Garden is Little Italy's only source of public, open green space and is currently in danger of being destroyed by the city. Thousands of people from our community have spoken out for saving the Garden, and we are still fighting to preserve its magic. The Garden is a place of refuge amidst what can be a chaotic place. It is a place where the community (old and young) can gather and grow together. It is a place of art and creativity. It is a place of nature. If you spend just one day in there, you hear over and over again words like oasis and sanctuary."

The Sartorial Storyteller - Meet Sarah:

Hello! My name is Sarah Slutsky, and I am a stylist. 

When it comes to style, how are you elevating the everyday this season?

My day to day changes drastically depending on my client schedule. One day might be research in the office, the next on set styling an editorial, the next in fittings or running to showroom appointments. I try to keep my look easy and classic — jeans and tees or breezy dresses. A block heel, stacking rings or mismatched earrings are a quick way for me to lend a bit of edge to any look (also a sweep of mascara!).

What does being a “girl on the go” mean to you and where on Elizabeth Street do you hope to spend more time in this season?

A girl on the go means adapting to any environment, making the space around you suit your needs, and finding the beauty. Nolita is one of my favorite New York City neighborhoods. I love the cafes with outdoor tables— for me, I love that I can do my work (at least the research part) from most places. Taking advantage of Elizabeth Street cafes with open windows is high on my list for the summer (Epistrophy, The Butcher's Daughter, and Cafe Habana).

Egg Shop with Sarah Schneider -151 Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10012

“The love from the locals carries over to excitement for people who are trying Egg Shop for the first time. I feel very blessed for having such a diverse group of people all coming together to share their love for great food, and specifically their love for the beautiful and diverse ingredient, eggs!”

From Denim to Dinner - Meet Sarah:

Hi, my name is Sarah Schneider, and along with my husband Demetri Makoulis, we own Egg Shop NYC. I worked in fashion for 14 years before opening Egg Shop. I managed the wholesale accounts for some of the biggest denim brands in the game. It was a very special time in my life. I loved working in denim specifically. Denim is a staple and not super fussy, which is the side of fashion I preferred. Egg Shop was a pipe dream of mine for many years before actually getting it open in August 2014! A career change when you are in your mid-thirties can be very challenging and overwhelming, but not for a moment do I regret taking on the challenge.

From fashion to food, how are you elevating the everyday this season?

When it comes to food and fashion, the basic principles tend to apply to both. You start with a closet full of basics that have multiple uses the same way you start with a cupboard full of spices. There is a strong foundation, and you build from there. Whether Spring or Fall, the excitement of seasonality and a refresh in my fashion or the food I am eating gives me a certain excitement and nostalgia. I tend to have seasonal favorites in both. Right now my favorite clothing item is a very light-weight, wide leg pant by Rachel Comey and my favorite food is watermelon! The bright color puts an immediate smile on my face, thinking about summer and what is to come, it’s also a plus that watermelon works just as well in a cocktail as it does a salad!

Why do you think Elizabeth Street is the quintessential city block?

I love being on Elizabeth Street. It truly brings together all walks of life. From the local Chinese community to artists, freelancers, fashion and international tourists, it’s as diverse as it gets. Every day I walk into Egg Shop, and I see just as many new faces as I do old. The mix between locals, and visitors gives the shop a buzz that is intangible.

Valley Nails with Nina Werman - 198 Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10012

"The energy in the city is infectious and also draining. My version of on the go is finding a balance between work, self-care/me time, and time with family and friends."

California Cool to New York Nails - Meet Nina:

I’m Nina Werman. I was raised in LA and have been a New Yorker (mostly) since 1996. My relationships with myself, my family, and my best friends are my priority. I’m the owner of Valley Nails, open since 2006.

From fashion to beauty, how are you elevating the everyday this season?

I pretty much always dress down, and I’m a fan of the high/low approach. With that in mind, I keep my nails high, so my attire can remain low and extremely comfy. I will not suffer for the cause!

Where on Elizabeth Street do you hope to spend more time in this season?

Elizabeth Street Garden is right across the street from Valley, and it is a neighborhood jewel. I use it as an office, a quiet space, and a place to visit with the people I love. Open green space in NYC is invaluable.

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*Thank you to Elizabeth Street Garden for sharing a quote for this feature. Find out more about the story behind this city oasis here.

Photos by Bridget Badore for Margaux


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