A Gift for our Gaux Girls


Margaux's community is diverse and dynamic, comprised of the talented and stylish women that inspire the brand. In this way, our “Gaux Girl” is the essence of today’s modern woman. She's curious and passionate, and moves fluidly throughout her day from one thing to the next. Our goal is to create products that can carry her even more effortlessly through each part of her busy day: Footwear staples that she can return to again and again, regardless of season or trend.

We wanted to do something to celebrate our growing community of Gaux Girls - and what better way than with a fresh take on the friendship bracelet? A playful take on the nineties trend, we loved that they were a statement piece that didn't take themselves too seriously. So on a sunny February morning we took to the city streets with our friendship bracelets in hand (and our Classics on foot!) to surprise a few of our Gaux Girls while in their element.

From fashion market editor Alyssa Coscarelli's eclectic and exciting style to Claire Chan's always downtown cool aesthetic, we loved seeing each of our Gaux Girl's sartorial spin on this fun bauble.

While all of the relationships we've built over the past year have been special in their own way, one of our very favorite soon-to-be featured Gaux Girls is our product engineer, Nadine. Nadine is our role model, advisor, and in many ways our office "mom." She's guided us through every step of the way - from finding our first factory to placing our first order - and Margaux wouldn't be the brand it is today without her. 


Meet AlyssaClaire, Caitlin and all of our Gaux Girls here.

Photos by Bridget Badore for Margaux


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