Inside our New York Factory


Our unique made-to-measure supply chain is a critical tenet of the Margaux experience. This supply chain begins in Italy, where we were source all of our leather. From there, the raw materials are sent to Spain where our standard sizes and made-to-measure components are handcrafted in one of the most renowned footwear manufacturing regions in the world. The standard sizes are then sent to New York ready to ship, while the components for the custom shoes are sent to our factory just outside of Manhattan. Each week, this factory produces our custom shoes to-order completely by hand. We are fortunate enough to work with one of the last remaining footwear manufacturers on the East Coast, and owe much of our success to the incredible craftsmen who have helped us design this unique manufacturing process from scratch over the course of the last eighteen months.

At Margaux, we are committed to helping our customers find the perfect fit. We offer both made-to-measure and standard sizes because we believe that customers need more optionality when buying shoes. A customer interested in ordering a made-to-measure pair can order a Fitting Kit online, which contains all the tools she needs to place a custom order, or visit one of our pop-ups or our studio in Chelsea.

After a customer takes their measurements, they create an online profile where their measurements are saved for all future orders. From there, a customer’s measurements are sent through our sizing algorithm - overseen by our product team - that determines the perfect sizing combination for both feet. Our factory in New York then reactively makes the ballerinas each week, allowing us to ship custom orders within two weeks of the order date - a mere fraction of the industry standard for custom-made products.

We ship our custom shoes every week, and as soon as a customer confirms the fit of their first pair, their measurements are saved to their online account for all future orders. Our goal is to disrupt the women's footwear market, one silhouette at a time, and our commitment to delivering expertly-fitted shoes provides a unique opportunity for customer loyalty as we grow.

The most rewarding aspect of our fined-tuned focus on fit is that we meet customers each and every day who - until discovering Margaux - struggled to find shoes that truly fit well. The idea that we could be making an impact on someone’s day - however small - never ceases to inspire us. We are building a brand that we hope not only accommodates but also empowers the modern woman, one perfect pair of shoes at a time.

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Photos by Bridget Badore for Margaux


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