Modern Shoes for Modern Women

We’re on a mission to make thoughtfully designed, versatile, and most importantly, comfortable shoes that meet the demands of modern life. Inspired by the crispness and dash of American style and informed by smart design, each silhouette in our collection packs a powerful punch of everyday wearability and understated elegance.

Fit for Every Body

Everything we do revolves around our singular focus on fit. Recent studies have shown as many as 88% of women are wearing the wrong shoe size, whether in length or in width - Very often a result of the fewer and fewer size options available to customers. We’re committed to offering an extended size range, multiple widths, and made-to-measure sizing so that every woman can find her perfect fit, regardless of size.

Uncompromising Comfort

Style and comfort don’t have to be mutually exclusive. We’ve spent years working with industry experts, technical designers, and European manufacturers to engineer shoes that deliver superior comfort and a tailored fit without sacrificing their form.

Luxury quality without the luxury price

Our collection is handcrafted of the finest-quality leathers and materials at a family-owned factory in Spain, who produces for some of the most coveted brands in the world. We bring our shoes directly from the factory to you bypassing traditional retail markups - Allowing us to deliver heritage quality designs at a fair price.

Margaux was born from our search for beautiful, wear-everywhere shoes that kept us comfortable on our feet, no matter where the day took us.

As we began designing that perfect wear-everywhere shoe, we realized we needed to rethink the footwear sizing equation altogether. With fewer size options available to women than ever before, most cannot find their perfect fit. Size inclusivity in ready-to-wear was finally catching on, but in footwear? Unheard of. So we decided to build a brand that changed the way women (like us!) shop for shoes, giving them access to an unparalleled size range, width options, and a pioneering made-to-measure solution. Since launching the brand in 2015, we've had the delight and priviledge of helping women around the country (and the world) find shoes they love - And wear everyday, everywhere. Just slip them on, get gauxing, and take on your day - Our shoes will be there to support you every step of the way.