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The Gaux Girl - A series on brilliant women we’re privileged to count as friends.

Smart design is top of mind here at Margaux, and it is also something that is important to Charlotte Butter, today's featured gaux girl. As the U.S. Public Relations and Marketing Manager for de Gournay, a world-renowned design firm, Charlotte spends her workdays among some of the design world's most beautiful interiors

Stepping into de Gournay's picturesque showroom on East 59th is a dream come true for all aesthetes. The studio contains bespoke collections of wallpapers, fabrics, and porcelains. Each piece is artisan-made and conveys storybook-like scenes that include vibrant Chinoiserie decoration. Further back in the showroom, you'll find Charlotte tending to her usual tasks - interacting with clients, liaising with the media or crafting stories around de Gournay's many exciting collaborations. 

A true girl on the go, we caught Charlotte in a peaceful moment where she showed us the de Gournay archives, and we showed her our newly launched Persimmon Heel. With a mutual appreciation for craftsmanship, we also spoke with Charlotte about the value of preserving artistry in design and how this approach translates to her sense of style. Read on to meet Charlotte and to see how she styled The Heel in both Persimmon and Cacao. 

Meet our Gaux Girl:

My name is Charlotte Butter. A half English (unsurprising with a last name like Butter!) and half Australian New Yorker. I manage U.S. Public Relations and Marketing for de Gournay. 

Can you recall your first memory of falling in love with aesthetics? How would you say interior design plays a role in the modern woman’s day-to-day?

I studied Philosophy and Sociology. One of my modules was Philosophy of Art. The word "aesthetics" derives from the Greek "aisthetikos," meaning "of sense perception." Our perception of beauty differs from person to person. Someone may see Tracy Emin’s 1998 ‘Unmade Bed,' as the self-explanatory (rather disheveled) ‘unmade bed’ that it is. Another perspective viewer may assert that it is a blank canvas with life thrown over it. Design, whether that is in interior or fashion, is subjective, interpretative, and unpredictable. I love that.

How are you establishing a balance in your summer style and where can we find you in the city while off the clock this season? 

Living in the typical smaller space in Manhattan, and playing Tetris with your wardrobe items, you have to learn how to mix and match. For me, it’s all about wearing something I think I could wear in five years. Off the clock, I pop on my trainers and run. It’s the best way to explore the city. I also come across so many cute boutiques hidden around the city.

Tell us about your first pair of Margaux flats. What do they add to your wardrobe and what role do you believe ballet flats play in the modern woman’s wardrobe? 

The classic, the timeless, the Margaux flats. I have picked up the New York fast-paced walk. Even when I am not running late, I walk like I am. Moving swiftly around the city from meeting to meeting, I need a chic, comfortable flat shoe. I wore them for the first time on a particularly busy day, and to my surprise, I got home blister-less. For the modern woman, you don’t have to wear six-inch heels to be successful. Now, this is a passé stereotype and ideology. 

At Margaux, we consider color, craftsmanship, and refined simplicity to be under the umbrella of smart design. What does smart design mean to you personally and in your work at de Gournay?

Smart design requires smart people, with relentless enthusiasm, who are willing and able to take the time to create something to which your reaction is, "How did I live without this?!"

De Gournay has cultivated an unrivaled reputation for recreating one of the world’s most exquisite, bespoke hand painted wallpapers, an art form with pedigree and painstaking attention to detail. To me, that is pretty smart! 

The de Gournay world is truly a feast for the eyes. If you had to “step” into a particular collection which would it be and why? 

For me, it is more than just aesthetic beauty. I am biased and think everything at de Gournay is beautiful. But it is the story behind the designs and inspiration behind the techniques that I adore. The beauty of de Gournay is that everything is made to order. You can step into any world you want. 

What does being "a girl on the go” mean to you and where do you hope you’re going next?

A girl on the go is easily inspired. When you are easily inspired, you take yourself places. (Even better if you take yourself to those places in your Margaux shoes). I don’t entirely know where I will go next, which is exciting. And I think it is okay to be unsure because you never know what life will throw at you. It is your choice whether you catch the ball or not. 

Gaux and be you, because you’re one of a kind. 

Charlotte wears The Heel in Persimmon and Cacao

Photos by Bridget Badore for Margaux


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