Gaux Girl - Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima


CAP Beauty co-founders Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima are naturals when it comes to all things beauty. From CAP's carefully curated assortment of natural beauty products to their spa services, we admire our featured gaux girls' mission to connect the dots between wellness and beauty - and of course, enjoy perusing the shelves at their West Village outpost.

While CAP has become a true New York mainstay, Kerrilynn and Cindy have plans to expand the brand's presence to the west coast. Before they headed off to California to set up shop, we stepped into the world of CAP Beauty- while Kerrilynn and Cindy stepped into our Heel (in Rose and Persimmon, respectively). During our visit, we chatted with this inspiring pair about their wellness routines, life in the West Village, and what being a girl on the go means to them.

Read on to meet Kerrilynn and Cindy as we discuss wellness routines, future plans, and everything in between.

Walk us through your respective daily routines. How do you feel you complement one another when it comes to business and beauty?

Cindy: My day starts with TM, herbs and Matcha, cozy time with my husband and dogs and a quick workout. I love the early morning hours and having that time to myself before the crew is awake starts my day off on the right foot. 

Kerrilynn: When I get to the office, there's always a quick check in with the crew, and then I'm off and running. I'm the CEO of CAP, so that means a lot of scanning what is happening, looking to the future, assessing where we are on projects and working on tasks to make things come to life. Oh, and lots of meetings. Cindy is the Chief Creative Officer, so she's often offsite creating images for our brand, but we are constantly checking in. We value each other's opinions immensely and make all of our decisions together. We're in a great partnership and are always looking for ways to improve and be the best version possible. We lean on each other, respect each other and want the same for each other and CAP. I feel blessed to have such a fulfilling and rewarding relationship with Cindy and to be on this wild ride together. 

Through CAP’s product offering, storefront, and event series, how do you hope to elevate the everyday within the West Village neighborhood? 

Cindy: The West Village was my first home in New York and a neighborhood I’ll always love. There’s a strong sense of community here, and because it’s home to so many creatives, there’s a natural appreciation for beauty, art and living well. It’s a perfect home for CAP as our mission is to marry the world of wellness with beauty, in the largest sense of that word. We love our West Village customers. We really couldn’t ask for a more intelligent, kind, engaged and curious clientele. We’ve been dubbed “The CAP Beauty Clubhouse” which is truly apt. People come to CAP to learn and discover, to share and to tap into a wellspring of knowledge and information, whether through attending an event, having a treatment or just talking with our customers and our gorgeous staff. The best part of it all is that wellness begets kindness and our CAP Beauty customers are a testament to that.

We love that your mission is rooted in blending wellness and design. You also mention that naturals are the modern choice. What do you mean by that, and how do you think the idea of smart design makes for a healthier approach to wellness?

Kerrilynn + Cindy: When we conceived CAP, we wanted to create a space that would inspire as many people as possible to make the switch to natural beauty. Nearly everyone we knew was engaging with wellness in some form or another, practicing yoga, buying organic foods, juicing, but had yet to make the switch to natural products. It didn’t make sense, and we realized that there simply weren’t any modern, inspiring spaces to discover the new natural brands that were emerging on the market. Natural lines were available at health food stores, in select boutiques where there simply wasn’t much knowledge or education around these products, or they were positioned alongside conventional products causing confusion. To reach the most people, we knew we had to be accessible, pure in our mission and beautifully designed. We believe that great design doesn’t need to be exclusive and that our job is to welcome and inspire. 

Cindy, regarding your background in visuals and styling, how would you say your work at CAP informs your sense of style? Do you have a modern uniform or gaux-to sartorial essentials?

Cindy: Working on photo-shoots is far from glamorous! And so for many years, I’d head off to work in jeans, a silk tank or t-shirt and flats or running shoes. It was always a challenge finding something that looked great but could also take me from the flower market to the studio to the back of a delivery truck. At CAP, I split my time between the photo studio and the office where we have lots of meetings and where I feel to some degree like I am representing the brand. So it's important to look good! I love getting to dress for work, but at the same time, my life is busier than ever. Sandals or boots, sweaters, and jeans are the mainstays, but dresses make getting dressed incredibly easy. They’re really foolproof.

Kerrilynn, regarding your first business Castor & Pollux, how would you define your relationship to accessories, and specifically, shoes? How has the transition to the beauty space changed your approach to dressing? 

Kerrilynn: I’ve always loved accessories for their ability to become heirlooms. The jewelry I wear all has significant meaning to me and are pieces that I wear every day. I don't switch things out that much, when I find something I love, I like to wear it often. This applies to shoes also. When I find a pair that works for me, I love to have variations on a theme. It keeps my life simple and my days less complicated. 

What does being "a girl on the go” mean to you and where do you hope you’re going next?

Cindy: In business and life it's important to be nimble. I’ve always done things on the spur of the moment and, being a Virgo, the minute I start overthinking anything, I’m done. Build a strong foundation, a solid core, and a loving center, then be spontaneous.

Kerrilynn: We’re opening in LA next month, so for us, being a girl on the go means becoming more bicoastal this year, something we're both really excited about!

Kerrilynn: Gaux and get it. Whatever "it" is to you, find it, cultivate it and nurture it to its most beautiful, vibrant self. 

Cindy: Gaux and find what makes you come alive. Take care of yourself in ways you never imagined you could. Then welcome the transformation. 

Kerrilynn wears The Heel in Rose and Cindy wears The Heel in Persimmon.

Photos by Bridget Badore for Margaux 


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