About Margaux

Our Story

We launched Margaux in 2015 with the mission of creating exquisitely crafted, classic products that met the demands of modern life - and along the way, redefining the way that shoes are sized and sold.

Margaux is about luxurious materials, simplicity and functionality. Inspired by the crispness and dash of iconic American pieces, and informed by smart design, Margaux makes products that solve problems without compromising their form. All of our products are offered at an accessible price without compromising on quality or craft.

Our products - from the structured suede Classic to the soft, dressed-down Demi-ballerina, or our modern take on The Heel - are not the shoes you slip off before changing into your heels: They're the shoes you want to wear when you arrive. We created them to take you every place you want to go, with confidence and chic.

The Craft

Margaux's collection is handcrafted of the finest-quality Italian leather in a family-owned factory in Spain. We began with an elegant ballerina - a stye universally recognized as one of the most complex shoes to engineer and fit - and have since expanded our offering to include styles for all occasions that reflect our practically elegant aesthetic. Margaux’s revolutionary interpretations are built on lasts, or forms, that have been sculpted by experienced craftsmen to hug the foot while providing just a glimpse of toe cleavage. With thoughtful details like a rubber-padded sole, which extends the lifetime of the shoe, and a plush foam insole, which ensures all-day comfort, our ballerinas prove that elegance need not come at the expense of comfort - and that quality need not be unattainable in price.

We are passionate about investing in quality materials and exacting craftsmanship. With our unique focus on fit, we have built Margaux to be a direct-to-consumer business that offers customers luxury products at a fraction of the traditional retail price. The factories and tanneries we work with also produce for the most coveted brands in the world. By selling exclusively online, through our flagship studio, and in our seasonal pop-up stores, we can provide a custom experience at an unprecedentedly attainable price.

Our unique - and dare we say it, groundbreaking - focus on structure and fit drove us to create the made-to-measure solution. 88% of women wear the incorrect size, and over half have feet of different sizes, whether in length or width. Brands and stores used to accommodate "non-standard" sizes by producing in a wide range of widths; but because stores no longer want to take the inventory risk, these options are no longer readily available. Because we believe the perfect fit should be available for all women, we carry our shoes in both three ready-made widths and made-to-measure sizes. Our three widths are carefully calibrated to offer maximum comfort off-the-shelf, and ship within two business days. The made-to-measure experience offers a customized, glove-like fit, and pairs ship within six weeks of order. Based on a customer's measurements (four from each foot) and particular fit preferences, our factory in Spain carefully crafts each of these made-to-measure pairs from Italian materials and Spanish components. And because fit is our highest priority, we guarantee the perfect fit of our custom pairs, always.

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