Gaux Girl - Sarah Slutsky

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The Gaux Girl - A series on the brilliant women we're privileged to count as friends


We're excited to feature our friend Sarah Slutsky - touchable video pioneer at Cinematique by day, and stylist to Emma Watson and Garance Doré by night - as one of our original Gaux Girls. From her work championing sustainable fashion through #30wears, to her impeccable (and never predictable) taste, she continues to surprise and inspire us with each project she takes on.
Read on for our exclusive interview with this impossibly talented Gaux Girl.

Sarah wears Margaux for Tome in Lapis


What’s the biggest risk you've ever taken?


Going by myself on a seven week adventure to Thailand when I was twenty-two. I decided in between internships that I was going to go and explore an entirely different culture and way of life, and it was one of the highlights of my life to date. It was a magical experience - I met extraordinary people and it has informed many of the choices and decisions I've made later in life.


One piece of advice you'd give your 23 year-old self?


The person that you are is just you - your quirks, your feelings, your emotions and your point-of-view is what makes you YOU.


What's your favorite item in your closet?


A ridiculous photo of my three best friends and I from graduation when we all dressed in matching chambray button downs and denim pants... It always makes me smile and think of my friends.

More seriously, I have a very special collection of family heirlooms my grandmother has given to me. One of my favorite pieces from this collection is a dainty ring with her initials engraved on it that I wear every single day.