Margaux Launches with a Made-to-Measure Ballerina Flat

Posted by Gavriella Wolf on

Margaux publicly launched in May 2015 - one year after founders Sarah and Alexa graduated from Harvard and began building the concept - with a single classic product sold exclusively online: made-to-measure ballerina flats.

We were thrilled to partner with on the exclusive announcement of the launch, with a piece penned by accessories editor Alessandra Codinha that highlighted (with flourish) the need for fresh takes on classic staples. 

"You see, not all ballet flats are created equal. That’s why Margaux is here to even the score," Codinha began. 

"Margaux is a contemporary answer to an age-old question, one that reaches a certain fever pitch in the warmer months, when heels can feel too “too” and sandals far too casual: Where the heck are my wear-with-anything flats?"

Read the full feature on here.