Made by Margaux: Crafting our Limited-Edition Leopard Ballerinas

Posted by Gavriella Wolf on

This fall, we visited our Spanish factory to begin several exciting projects - and to observe production of our limited-edition leopard ballerinas, which we introduced in November of 2015. From the Italian hair calf sourced from a family-owned tannery in Spain, to the precise stitching and cutting required to achieve the perfect painted edge, production of this collection was truly a study in exquisite craftsmanship.


Follow along as we take a closer look at the care and craft that goes into every pair of Margaux shoes.


Above, our leather buyer, Rafa, selects and prepares the materials to be cut. His are the first of many hands that touch each pair as they go through production.

After the materials are cut by hand to size, the uppers and linings are carefully stitched together and finished with our signature patent strip. The shoemakers then fuse a structural element called a counterpocket to the upper to give the shoe its form. These leopard uppers are now ready to move to the production line, where the shoes will be lasted.

The uppers and lasts then move to the production line, where assembly begins. Here, the lasts are pictured traveling down the line towards the lasting machine, where the uppers are pulled over these hand-sculpted molds that give the ballerinas their form.

After the uppers are lasted, the ballerinas are soled. As the pairs approach the end of the production line, the factory artisans add a sock lining, made of naturally-tanned leather and plush foam padding.

Pepi, our production manager, inspects each pair as they come off the production line, ensuring every detail and finish is perfect. Pending her approval, the pairs are packaged in our signature shoeboxes, and sent to us here in New York.

Our leopard ballerinas flew off the digital shelves, and were out of stock by the springtime. Who knows, we just might have to send more animal print your way soon.