Gaux Girl - Krissy Jones and Chloe Kernaghan


Krissy Jones and Chloe Kernaghan spend most of their days on the go. As the co-founders of SKY TING, New York's beloved yoga studio, you'll find our featured gaux girls refining their practice, whether teaching at either one of SKY TING's two locations in downtown Manhattan, or en route to one of their group retreats abroad. 

While it's rare to spot anyone wearing shoes beyond SKY TING's entrance, Krissy and Chloe kindly made an exception and took our flats for a stroll around their Tribeca location, wearing our Demi and Espadrille, respectively. We explored the space as the duo styled one another in pieces from SKY TING's shop, which includes a selection of apparel from SKY TING and other favorite activewear brands. From the spacious and sun-drenched studios, to the inviting communal sitting areas, every detail of a SKY TING studio (and experience) is welcoming and thoughtful. 

Read on to meet Krissy and Chloe, discover their summer travel plans, and why they believe design and yoga are the perfect pair.

Meet Our Gaux Girls:

I’m Krissy Jones - co-founder of SKY TING. I'm Chloe Kernaghan, one of the other co-founders of SKY TING.

From your yoga practice to your sense of style, you two are truly the perfect pair. How do you think you complement one another in your work, your practice, and your style?

Krissy: I love how adventurous Chloe is in life and her style. She’s not afraid to try weird things, and she always pairs things that work together that I would never think of! We complement each other at work in so many ways, but I think what makes us a good pair is that I like to dream up new ideas and Chloe is good at making our dreams a reality and putting them into practice. Chloe is also so good with people - she remembers everyone’s name and is an amazing mentor to our students. I love that about her. 

Chloe: I love how Krissy unapologetically owns everything she does - from what she wears, to how she works, to honesty in what she's teaching. She's not afraid to be who she is, and that confidence radiates out in the best of ways. She definitely is a dreamer and pushes me and our work to go past what maybe seems possible or doable. She's not afraid to experiment or try something new, and we've learned how to trust each other and support each other as SKY TING continues to grow. 

One thing we always consider in our craft is the idea of smart design. What does that mean to you and do you think this applies to your work at SKY TING?

Krissy: Design is everything at SKY TING. We wanted to create a space that is clean, beautiful, classic, and fun. Everything from our teaching style to the physical space of SKY TING, to our Instagram and newsletters, is designed with intention. Nothing is overdone or too trendy - which is what I view as smart design.

Chloe: Agreed. I had a class in college called Form and Content where you would look at not just the message you were putting out but how you were putting it out. We're not just interested in the practice of yoga at SKY TING, but the lens that we frame the practice with. Clear design allows us to be clear with our intentions of how the material is received. 

At Margaux, we are all about creating the perfect pair of shoes for the modern woman. With that same idea in mind, and regarding SKY TING’s two locations, tell us more about why you think these two neighborhoods are the perfect pair to cater to SKY TING’s community. 

Krissy: Our Chinatown and Tribeca locations are similar in a lot of ways but definitely have different vibes. The community in Chinatown tends to be artsier, and in Tribeca, it’s more chic, which I think is a great way to describe our student body.

Chloe: When we opened our doors in Chinatown there really weren't any yoga studios nearby, and it quickly became a neighborhood spot. It's a bit off the beaten path which made getting to it a real journey for a lot of students. Tribeca is more accessible for more people, which has been great to expand our work to a wider student base. The two complement each other with their offerings.  

Chloe, you mentioned you’ll be taking The Espadrille with you for your upcoming travels. Can you tell us more about where you’re going and how you’ll be wearing this pair all summer long?

Chloe: I just came back from a trip to Italy- a mix of work and play, which was wonderful. The Espadrille is a perfect summer shoe that is easy to walk up and down the many stairs of the Italian coast, but also looks super chic and put-together. Whether it's a light linen dress, a cropped trouser, or jean shorts - these shoes add a little something extra to any outfit! 

Krissy, you’re styling our go-to off-duty flat. What role do ballet flats play in your wardrobe and where can we find you enjoying time off in the city this summer?

Krissy: I’ve been wearing these flats non-stop. I like pairing them with culottes or jeans. I’ve been spending a lot of my time this summer at Martha’s Vineyard. Chloe and I are going to Paris soon as well, and I’ll definitely be packing my flats.

What does being "a girl on the go” mean to you and where do you hope you’re going next?

Krissy: Chloe and I have so much going on between running SKY TING, traveling, and planning out the future. I hope to do more retreats next year and develop more advanced training programs at SKY TING. 

Chloe: We definitely are in a go-go-go mode right now - lots of exciting projects in the works! I'm excited to see how all the work we've done so far continues to transform, and what we can add into the mix to continue to grow!

Krissy: Gaux and be ambitious and never stop learning. 

Chloe: Gaux and try, try and try again. 

Krissy wears our Demi in Ballet Pink and Chloe wears our Espadrille in Signature Stripe.

Photos by Bridget Badore for Margaux 


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