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The Gaux Girl - A series on the brilliant women we're privileged to count as friends


A fashion luminary, digital maven, and lover of all things brunch, you may already be familiar with today’s featured Gaux Girl, Alyssa Coscarelli. Perhaps otherwise known as @alyssainthecity, we first got to know Alyssa via her coveted Refinery29 byline where she currently works as a fashion market writer. There, she pens articles covering a variety of topics from market trends to style stories that further showcase her amazing sartorial point of view. We’ve found that this attention to detail also seamlessly translates into the everyday moments she posts to her beloved Instagram feed - which features behind-the-scenes moments on set to perfectly captured tabletop shots at some of New York City’s most sought-after restaurants.

As her digital alias appropriately demonstrates, Alyssa’s life in the city is one of excitement, ambition, and discovery - and even more impressively, this style star knows how to schedule time for fun outside of work too! From shopping in Soho to spending time with friends at Central Park, you’ll find Alyssa out and about no matter what day it is. Luckily we were able to catch this girl on the gaux outside of the city in her new Brooklyn neighborhood at Toby’s Estate Coffee. During our time with Alyssa we chatted about championing off-duty personal style, the role of the ballet flat in a modern woman’s wardrobe, and the gaux girls in her life that inspire her no matter what.

“Toby's is already a go-to off-duty spot for me — I love the convenient location and friendly atmosphere, and whether I'm just stopping in to grab a latte to go or posting up with my computer for a few hours, it always adds a happy, laid-back feeling to my day.”


Hi! My name's Alyssa and I'm a fashion market writer at Refinery29. On the side, I eat a lot of brunch and explore the city in my spare time, and take photos for my personal Instagram @alyssainthecity.

Your style is very eclectic and with your awe-inducing wardrobe sometimes getting dressed must be a challenge! Even with so many options how have you managed to find your perfect pairing?

I've definitely developed a top-and-Levi's combination that's my go-to for most days, and you can usually find me wearing some variation of that with delicate stacked jewelry and a basket bag. But, my style's also always changing at the same time. Sometime's I'll be super vintage-y and feminine, and other days I'll be full-on athleisure or dip my toes into a newer trend. I usually try to plan my outfits the night before, and I keep a separate rack in my room of the newer things or things I want to remember to wear in the coming weeks, because stuff can admittedly get pretty buried in my closet! And finally, I like to keep a lot of screenshots in my phone of outfits that I like to inspire me or to try and recreate when I'm not feeling super inspired.

Is there a girl on the go in your life who inspires your style? Who is she and how has she shaped who you are?

My mom has always been a source of inspiration to me in her life and style. She's the perfect example of someone who lives her passions and makes the most of every day, and looks stylish and put-together in the process. I credit a lot of my love of fashion to growing up with such a stylish momma.

Whether you’re brunching in Williamsburg or planning a weekend getaway to Upstate New York what are your five gaux-to’s while off-duty? 

My gaux-to essentials are my phone and backup battery, my pouch of makeup essentials, minty gum, a small notebook for ideas or to-dos.

Recently a lot of your Refinery29 stories/shoots focus on style tips and tricks. With this in mind, what is your favorite aspect of the ballet flat and how has The Demi inspired your off-duty style?

I love the effortlessness and timelessness of a ballet flat. It's something that's stylish and classic whether worn by Audrey Hepburn decades ago or worn today with a good pair of jeans and a tank. It doesn't take too much thought, it's comfortable and it's practical. Especially living in the city and running around all the time, you can't go wrong with a no-fuss shoe that keeps you going and looks good in the process, even with minimal styling effort involved.

As a fashion writer and editor how do you stay inspired outside of the office? Which one of your articles do you think best represents your point of view as a writer?

Traveling and exposing myself to new things is always the best way to get inspired, but I also like to speak to my friends and occasionally ask them what they're looking for from a fashion story or what they think of certain trends and go from there, since a lot of my writing is actually meant to cater to readers that are in the same demo as my friends are. Instagram is also a huge source of inspiration for me since I feel that that's where so many trends get their start and really catch on these days. My author page really shows the variety of things I write about, but a favorite recently was a shoot I did about how to tuck in a shirt. I love opportunities to be creative and provide real service simultaneously, and I just like to keep my writing friendly and digestible and easy to read in the hopes that I can reach and help as many style-minded people as possible that way.

What does being “a girl on the go” mean to you and where do you hope you’re going next?

To me, being a girl on the go means being someone who's actively chasing their dreams, goals, and passions and constantly trying to make the most of each day. It's not just being busy to be busy, but really squeezing every ounce of inspiration and learning out of every experience, whether that's traveling or just grabbing brunch in the neighborhood. I hope to continue to explore new cities around the U.S. and the world in both work and life in coming months, and I just booked my first trip to LA to do just that!

Gaux and... put yourself out there — it's easy to do with today's technology and platforms, and you owe it to yourself to put the best version of yourself out for the world to see.

Alyssa wears our Demi-Ballerina in Ballet Pink. Shop her look here.

Photos by Bridget Badore for Margaux